The Heriot Primary School is a state funded, rural, co-educational, contributing primary school. It is a medium sized wooden complex consisting of four classrooms, two ablution blocks, a library and a detached classroom, an administration block and dental clinic. It has four outbuildings of which two are used for storage of school equipment, one is a garage, which houses the lawn mower and tractor, and the fourth is the boiler. This is coal fired and adequately heats all rooms in the complex and the school pool. A house and double garage are situated on the school grounds.
Heriot Primary School is well resourced with an extensive range of fiction and non fiction books in the library,  computers and other communication information technologies, audio visual equipment, many resource kits, musical equipment and physical education equipment. All of these are continually being added to and updated.
The grounds are spacious, well maintained and aesthetically pleasing. Attractive garden areas provide a pleasing break from a large playing field,  adventure playgrounds, sand pit and paved court. The school is fortunate to have both shade areas and shelter provided by the many trees on the property.
The school is staffed by the Grading Roll as set by the Ministry of Education and allows for 3 full time teachers. Additional staff are employed for Principal Release, Teachers Aide and Secretarial duties. The school also employs a grounds person and cleaning personnel. From time to time specialised people will be involved with the school as can be arranged and as the school qualifies. These may include, Specialist Education Services (SES), Resource Teacher of Learning and Behaviour (RTLB), health nurse, dental therapist, and teachers advisory.
The children come to the school from a background which is mainly farming or farming related. The children mostly come to the school socially developed with adequate communication skills and ready to adapt to school. They are well cared for and all adequately clothed and fed.

The school has a caring family atmosphere and there are strong staff pupil relationships.

The school is fortunate to have strong support from the community. Parent helpers help with a variety of programmes in classrooms, in conjunction with ICT, in the library and on the sporting front, working bees, trips and with PTA activities.
The school PTA is active in fundraising and in organising a flower show and a pet show for the children's involvement.
Heriot Primary School encourages children to be involved in both sporting and cultural activities with arts days and annual sporting fixtures part of the schools programme. A good grounding in all curriculum areas is also something Heriot Primary School is proud of. The individual needs of children are addressed through sound classroom teaching, specialised programmes of special needs and extension programmes. At all times in all ways the Board of Trustees and Staff seek to fulfill its mission statement.

"Heriot Primary School will provide a stimulating and balanced programme in a caring and secure environment which will preserve each child's individuality and assist in developing his/her intellectual, emotional, physical, cultural and social potential."