Heriot School, in the heart of rural West Otago,  provides quality education for Years 1-6. New entrants to Heriot School mainly come from Heriot Playcentre, Kidsway in Tapanui and Roxburgh Educare. After finishing primary school at Heriot most pupils go on to Blue Mountain College (Year 7-13) in Tapanui.

The Heriot School Community is largely a rural farming area with a strong dairy and sheep and beef presence. The largest employers in the township of Heriot are West Otago Transport, and various contracting businesses.  All of whom provide services to our rural community.

Our school has extensive and well maintained grounds. The new entrant classroom was recently refurbished and a new administration block was built. This was long overdue and has been welcomed by students, staff and our whole school community.

Our school has a proud history and a strong community support that is reflected in the amount of parental/caregiver involvement we receive.