Chairperson Judy Miller
Vice Chair Andrew Herriott
Principal  Colin McHutcho
Teacher Rep  Lockie Brenssell
Parent Rep's
Blair Young
  Melissa Ellison
  Debra Rouston
Finance Officer Pauline Cormack
Minute Secretary Teressa Young

To view the latest BOT Minutes please click on the link below: 

 2016  2017  2018
18 February 2016.pdf
9 Feb 2017.pdf  22 Feb 2018.pdf 
8 March 2016.pdf 16 Feb 2017.pdf
22 March 2018.pdf 
12 April 2016.pdf
27 Mar 2017.pdf  24 May 2018.pdf
19 May 2016.pdf
22 May 2017.pdf 
1 June 2018.pdf 
29 June 2016.pdf
19 Jun 2017.pdf  3 July 2018.pdf 
18 August 2016.pdf  10 Aug 2017.pdf  23 August 2018.pdf 
15 Sept 2016.pdf 19 Sep 2017.pdf  13 September 2018.pdf 
20 October 2016.pdf 26 Oct 2017.pdf  25 October 2018.pdf 
24 November 2016.pdf 30 Nov 2017.pdf  5 November 2018.pdf 
12 December 2016.pdf    

To view the latest BOT Reports please click on the link below:

2018  2019 
BOT Update No.1.pdf
BOT Newsletter No.1.pdf 
BOT Update No 2.pdf  Strategic Plan Summary 2019.pdf 
Heriot School Strategic Plan .pdf   
BOT Update No 3.pdf   
BOT Update No.4.pdf   
BOT Update No.5.pdf   

Rebecca Hazlett
Blair Young
Melissa Ellison
Melissa Ellison